• FABA property tax deduction:
    10% discount on property taxes for all property owners living within city limits of Austin. Additional 10% discount for commercial property owners leasing to businesses with headquarters in Austin.

  • Universal building height limitation of 120 feet across Austin including the CBD. Allowance to 200 feet (Max.) with stipulations.

  • Implement Gas Tax of 1 cent per gallon collected within city limits to spend on city street maintenance.

  • Free, unrestricted, and unlimited parking for motorcycles on all public streets.

  • For new developments and existing retail: Parking variances allowing substituting bicycle and motorcycles parking for car parking.

  • 'Decibel corridors' to preserve music and entertainment districts.

  • Reduce residential front yard setback requirement to 15 feet from 25 feet.

  • Create new GMU zoning. Mixed use, residential/retail, with electric “car share."

  • Inner city streetcar system.

  • Make it impossible to get a DUI on a bicycle.

  • Alternative property tax.


  • Create a dedicated Lamar only route (The "Lamar N/S") running every 15 - 20 minutes only on Lamar Blvd.

  • Re-route No. 18 so that it turns onto MLK Blvd at Rio Grande, making it a true and full MLK line.

  • Have bus drivers keep a log for every time a bicycle rider wants to board but both bicycle racks are already full.


  • 95% of all county taxes collected within the city limits of Austin must be spent within the city limits of Austin.


  • Re-rename TxDOT
    The Texas Highway Administration, to be more honest.

  • Marijuana:
    1) Legalize growing and use of marijuana on private property.
    2) Keep sale of marijuana illegal.
    3) Keep unsolicited provision illegal.
    4) Keep use in public illegal
    5) Make the sale or free distribution of MJ to minors a felon.

  • Raise driving age to 17.

  • Lower drinking age to 18.

  • Repeal seat-belt law.

  • Make driving while talking or texting on cellphone illegal.

  • Prohibit the use of Lone Star card and green stamps for the purchase of products with high fructose corn syrup (HCF) or PETE [1] plastic bottled water.

  • Limit maximum payout of lottery to $100,000

  • Implement Instant Run-off Voting with "None Of The Above" option.

  • Transparency Doctrine
    Require all businesses majority owned by any other corporation to use the name of the parent corporation in their product names.

  • Six month suspension of driver's license for 1st DUI. 10 year suspension for 2nd DUI.

  • Eliminate any recognition of “marriage” at the state level.


  • Start the Just Say Wait to drugs campaign.
    (Because it can't be any dumber than "Just Say No").

  • Two tier income tax system
    First $30,000 tax free,
    any excess balance is taxed at 10%,
    no deductions, including corporations.
    Example (@10%):
    $20,000 > taxes = $0
    $30,000 > taxes = $0
    $31,000 > taxes = $100
    $40,000 > taxes = $1000
    $130,000 > taxes = $10,000
    $1,030,000 > taxes = $100,000
    Since corporations like to claim the rights of natural citizens they would also be taxed at the same tier and rate with no deductions.

  • Reduce dependence on oil, foreign and domestic. Create a national high speed rail network in two phases starting with the use of the JetTrain followed by an electrified system.

  • Eliminate the Department of Education at the federal level.

  • Make EPA cabinet level, the Department of Environmental Protection.

  • Restrict current federal office holders from running for federal office.

  • Marijuana:
    1) See state.
    2) Remove cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

  • Prohibit senators, current or former, from being president.

  • New congressional redistricting process using a modified column system.

  • Transparency Doctrine
    Same as for states.

  • Eliminate any restrictions on American citizens from traveling to any part of the world (e.g. Cuba)

  • Cancel all "free" trade agreements.
    Create a flat 5% tariff on all imports and impose a 5% export tariff on all mineral and natural resources.

  • Treat terrorists as murderers not warriors.

  • Require beep between edit cuts.

  • Eliminate any recognition of “marriage” at the federal level.


  • No Christmas music or décor allowed in November.

  • Prohibit NPR radio program, From the Top from announcing the age of each performer.